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Nature, Art & Habitat is hosted at Soggiorno Mazzoleni -- Taleggio Valley, Bergamo, Italy

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The residency, set in the bucolic Taleggio Valley in Northern Italy, offers the residents a lively space to productively interact, taking full advantage of the strength of surrounding nature as well as Italy’s rich cultural heritage, combining cultural traditions, nourishing food and healing aromas.

Artist Accomodation: Provided. Studio or One Bedroom Apartment (one per each artist). Shared studio areas and open-air studio space provided upon request.

Number of artists resident at one time: Between 3 and 5.

Companions are allowed, considered on a case by case basis, with contained additional expenses to be covered individually by the applicant or the companions.

All applicants should be aware that the residence is in a charming and comfortable, yet older, facility; there is no large indoor studio, everyone should can equipped with her/his own tools. The facility is self managed, without auxiliary personnel for support to individual projects.

Lastly but very important: even in June the Alpine weather might be cold and rainy: one more reason to find inspiration in nature, instead of fighting it!

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